The New Style of Travel

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The New style of travel is not just visiting the cities – old towns, churches, the monuments and the attractions and the multi storied towers or vista points. It is important that one visits places which offer you new and unique experiences which are one of a kind and very peculiar to the region.

Podlaskie Region image

For instance when I did visit north eastern Poland in the autumn months – the Podlaskie region that borders Belarus and Lithuania, I got to know of some amazing places which are not part of the regular touristy circuit. One of the interesting experiences that I got to explore was Forest Bath.

Originated in Japan, Forest Bath is a sustainable way to travel where you traverse through landscapes which are allowed to be as they are and get to experience a meditative state in the midst of natural environs, enjoy local authentic cuisine – a farm to table concept and in the real sense activate all your five senses – touch, taste, smell, sound and sight.


Feel the edible herbs, get to smell them with closed eyes and taste them, hear the sound of the birds in the natural habitat and enjoy tranquility and bliss of a forest like environment in natural surrounding including resting in a hammock, far from the buzz and noise of bigger and busier cities.

Another experience that we got to explore as it was the end of summer was Apitherapy – an alternative therapy comprising of honey bees and honey bee products. Destress, rejuvenate and eliminate minor ailments through a few sessions of apitherapy – an effective and innovative way to treat chronic illnesses, infections, arthritis and many other ailments without any harmful side effects.

Cherry Blossom Japan

Later in the year, I visited Japan where you get to discover interesting and authentic experiences – away from the buzz of the bigger cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Cycling through quaint villages and soaking in the smells and in the ambience of thousands of cherry blossom trees not only in the Sakura(Spring) season but in autumn too are experiences that could be incorporated as part of your regular tourism circuit , visiting towns which are just 20 minutes away from the bigger touristy cities.

Such experiences are there in every country including India and could be added to your regular itinerary whilst planning the new style of travel in 2024.  All you need is to plan ahead and incorporate an element of slow tourism-with authentic local experiences.  Namaste Tourism and our team of itinerary curators would be delighted to assist you to travel the new way. Experience authenticity the Namaste Tourism way!

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