Subhash is Director  of  Compact Travels which  promotes experiential travel and is also the Founder of Namaste Tourism  – a platform which encourages sharing of memorable experiences thru tourism exchanges. Compact Travels along with Namaste Tourism specializes  in customized holidays and incentives for niche destinations. Subhash has over 25 years experience in travel – as a certified Travel Instructor having completed more than 27 IATA qualifications,  a Travel Writer, Content writer cum Editor of e- magazine OPPORTUNITIES TODAY and a blog which is – specialising in niche destinations. Subhash has created a series of destination specific websites for the Indian outbound traveller such as Namaste Turkey, Namaste Germany, Namaste Egypt, Namaste South Africa , Namaste New Zealand , Namaste Argentina , Namaste Poland and Namaste Hungary. There are many more Namaste websites in the pipeline to follow. The objective of  Namaste Tourism is to create the Indian connection for the outbound traveller – a single point platform for the Indian outbound visitor offering him choices of holiday ideas, expert advice as well as an opportunity where the discerning traveller can share his experience of exploring places like never before.

Subhash started his career, 25 years ago as a travel and foreign language Educator and continues as the director of RBCS GROUP– leading vocational institute established in 1954. The tourism training division known as IHCTM has had the unique distinction of being the first authorised training centre worldwide to offer 7 IATA qualifications.

Travel has always been a passion and sharing first hand experiences has been the interest and this eventually resulted in revolutionizing the publication OPPORTUNITIES TODAY into a publication for the intellectual traveller. OPPORTUNITIES TODAY which started in 1971 and evolved as a bi-monthly magazine is now an e-publication where travel experiences and opportunities across the world are highlighted.

Subhash was invited by  IATA(International Air Transport Association) for the Pilot Testing of the international tourism programme launched worldwide in the year 2000. Subhash has also done destination presentations for Globus and Cosmos for regions of Eastern Europe such as Poland and the Czech Republic and with his expertise in content development and presentations, Subhash has done destination specialized training workshops for travel agents for destinations such as Turkey, Germany and the most recent ones being New Zealand which was done in association with Tourism New Zealand at the time of the launch of the website – – Your Indian connection to New Zealand . In 2010, –  was launched during the bi-centennial year of the May Revolution and in 2011, Subhash was invited by the Consulate of Argentina in Mumbai to do a presentation for leading tour operators in Mumbai on how to sell Argentina as a destination.

During the bi-centennial year of the May Revolution of Argentina, Subhash was invited by the Consulate of Argentina, Mumbai to do a presentation on Argentina for high level corporates as well as a photographic exhibition to showcase Argentina thru pictures. Subhash as a content development expert has assisted  tourism boards and Consuls General to showcase their destination to the Indian outbound traveller in creative and innovative ways. On 25th November 2010, Subhash along with Co-founder of Travel Pixels Aneesh Bhasin held an   exhibition of pictures in Mumbai known as Bella Argentina which was presented by the Consulate of Argentina in Mumbai. As part of the Argentina promotions in Mumbai, Subhash also was involved in a project showcasing the 3 icons of Argentina – Wine, Tango and Football as part of a unique interactive presentation.

Subhash’s area of expertise includes tourism and aviation training, writing, consulting on exotic destinations and combining his passion for photography, showcasing destinations through pictures.

In 2004, Subhash started Compact Travels – with the objective of offering customized and high end travel experiences and by the turn of the decade, Subhash qualified as a destination expert for a wide range of destinations including Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa – from the Southern Hemisphere, to Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Germany in Central Europe; from Turkey, Israel, Egypt and Jordan around the Mediterranean and Red Sea to Scotland, Ireland and Spain in Western Europe and also special interest tours such as Soft Adventure, River Cruising and Barging in France as well as Top Honeymoon destinations of Europe.

In the training segment, besides completing the IATA/UFTAA 4 level programme upto the Senior Management level and the IATA Air Cargo Dangerous Goods programme, Subhash was one of the first few to complete the Quality Inspector’s Award from City & Guilds of London Institute,U.K as well as the Fares and Ticketing course from Chameleon Training which was initially run by British Airways and now is offered as the Virgin Atlantic Fares and Ticketing programme

On the professional side, Subhash was on the Managing Committee  of SKAL Mumbai and also is in the Tourism Committee of the Indian Merchants’ Chamber for the past 4 years.

As the global slowdown started in November 2008, Subhash came out with the unique concept of having dedicated websites for the Indian outbound traveller by launching Namaste Turkey – your Indian connection to Turkey and now this venture has expanded covering 8 destinations which offer unique Holiday Ideas thru their websites – Namaste Germany, Namaste Egypt, Namaste South Africa, Namaste New Zealand ,  Namaste Argentina , Namaste Poland and Namaste Hungary. In 2012, Namaste Tourism will be the common platform to inform discerning travellers in a unique and interactive way on how to explore places like never before.

As travel trends started changing and the shift was towards luxury and experiential travel, Subhash launched Luxury Vignettes – a website that offers experience extraordinaire to the travellers comprising of High Net worth Individuals (HNIs) and UHNIs (Ultra High net worth individuals) as well as those seeking experiential holiday – be it a Polar Bear Safari, a photographic tour OR any special interest segment. The latter half of 2014 saw the launch of Namaste Hungary – the 8th in the series of destination specific website for the Indian outbound traveller. The site was launched by the Ambassador of Hungary to India along with the Consul General of Hungary in Mumbai and was widely covered by the travel trade media. During the same year, Namaste Tourism diversified into representation and consulting and now represents a Portugal company in India under DMRC (Destination Marketing, Representation and Consulting)


Subhash’s  initial interest in travel began in 1986 when he  first visited Europe for a holiday followed by an extended stay in London where he completed Conversational courses in French and Spanish languages with ILEA (Inner London Education Authority). He appeared for his first IATA/UFTAA examination in 1988, the IATA/UFTAA Standard Course at that time and since then there was no looking back. After completing his graduation  in 1988 from H.R.College of Commerce and Economics, Subhash  chose to get into the field of Vocational Training and Education in a full fledged way initially specializing in training candidates for the Travel and Airline Industry as well as foreign languages.

Subhash started training a few candidates for the IATA/UFTAA course as soon as he completed the IATA/UFTAA Advanced Consultant Diploma in 1989 and devised simplified tests and question sets to ensure that candidates excel in the exams. At the same time, he made frequent trips abroad to study Italian , French with the Université de Caen in France and later in 1993, he completed the Nivel Superior in Spanish from the Instituto Español de Granada in Spain. Simultaneously, he also completed 2 years of Italian in Mumbai as well as pursued over the years German and elementary Japanese.

His first interest in Cargo started when he did his first IATA/FIATA Cargo Introductory course in 1990 as by that time RBCS GROUP was already training candidates for Cargo and by 1992, Subhash became the youngest and highest qualified person in India to have completed 5 IATA qualifications including 2 IATA/UFTAA and 3 IATA/FIATA programmes. Subhash   received several invitations both from airlines and various agencies to work for them, however his passion in training and imparting quality education along with my interest in foreign languages continued relentlessly and in 1993, IHCTM was appointed as an authorized training centre to train candidates for the IATA/UFTAA programmes.

Seeing the excellent results for the IATA/UFTAA programmes, IATA invited Subhash to train  candidates for the IATA/FIATA programme and IHCTM became an authorized training centre to offer the IATA Air Cargo Training in December 1994 and thus IHCTM became the first authorized training centre in India to offer both IATA/UFTAA as well as IATA Air Cargo programmes under one roof. Since then students from IHCTM have excelled in their IATA Travel and IATA Air Cargo  examinations and from a single subject of IATA, today IHCTM offers as many as 7 IATA qualifications. Later, students started identifying IHCTM as an institute setting global standards and  IHCTM gets students from across the globe ranging from smaller towns like Bursa in Turkey, Santorini in Greece, Liberec in Czech Republic as well as places such as London, Dubai, Bahrain, Nairobi and literally from all corners of the globe. IHCTM thus reversed the trend of students going abroad for higher learning in tourism and airline studies and even today students come from various cities to experience quality training. Later in 2000, IHCTM became the FIRST authorized training centre in the world out of 210 IATA authorized training centres to offer as many as 7 IATA qualifications. Here, you will find the details of the current IATA courses being offered at IHCTM.

The TOUR Company:

In 2004, when RBCS group completed 50 years, Subhash started Compact Travels and today Compact Travels is identified as a company offering niche and premium holidays as well as special interest tours.

With the focus shifting towards tourism consulting, project 2011 includes planning destination specialized programmes as the need of the hour is to have candidates who are not only qualified but also employable especially with the ever changing trends of the travel and tourism industry. Also to showcase destinations with unique strategies of photo exhibits, merchandising are some of the ideas which will further evolve in the near future.

On the social front, Subhash has been over the years involved in exposing institutes who have been misguiding students through false promises and bogus foreign affiliations through a department called CRUSADERS. He continues as a  member of ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India) as well as life member of CGSI (Consumer Guidance Society of India).

Subhash’s MISSION statement

To pursue my objective of imparting tourism knowledge with total zeal, enthusiasm and involvement keeping ethics, welfare, values in pursuit of excellence and quality service thru effective leadership and commitment.


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